The Belief Experiment is committed to transparency, and follows industry standard practices for the internal control of all receipts and disbursements.

Giving Statements

Giving statements are provided quarterly to all donors by email, and by January 31 for all donors by email and postal mail for those who have not provided an email address. Donors may also request a giving statement at any time by emailing

Financial Information

Full financial information including all receipts and disbursements are reviewed regularly by the church’s Governance Team, which provides oversight for all operations of the church. Other requests may be provided to outside parties upon request. To request financial information, please email, including your name, organizational affiliation (if applicable), email address, phone number, the scope of information requested, and the reason for the request. Any requests for financial information are subject to the approval of the Director of Operations and, as applicable, the Senior Pastor and Governance Team.

Please note that requests for individual donor information will not be honored except as required by law.